Kitchens and Baths

We build a lot of kitchens, even though doing kitchens is rare for a builder.

We like creating kitchens because they are the one room in the house where an upgrade delivers the biggest improvement to your family’s quality of life.

Some of our customers know what they want in their ideal kitchen, but many aren’t exactly sure how to describe their goals. So by now, we’re pretty good at helping you figure out exactly what you want.

You can show us photos of kitchens you like, you can browse through pictures of our previous work, or you can just talk with us about your thoughts. We hope you’ll tell us about your family life – who’s in the kitchen when, how you cook, do you entertain and so on.

The best kitchens come from a deep, creative discussion – we know this from experience! And when we’re done, you’ll see why. You’ll know that your kitchen could only have been made for your family and your home.

“I don’t know how you did it, but that’s exactly what I wanted.” – Millerstown, PA