Custom Built Homes

Building for your life.

Our definition of custom is a home that’s built for your family and the life you live. It’s not just a custom home, it’s your family’s future.

We’re old-fashioned builders, and our homes are strong, sturdy, warm and built to last. We’re in this business to give you a home to be proud of – a home with character that matches you, the owner.

We give you real choices – add or adjust rooms, unique moldings and cabinetry, storage, windows and more. Whatever fits your lifestyle.

Our team of craftsmen are the only ones who construct your home. We care about the details.

We build the walls and ceilings, but our focus is on the living spaces they create. We put in the windows to bring you cheerful natural light. We design the hallways and stairwells so it’s easy for you to go about your daily life. We build decks so you can enjoy sunsets and barbeques and long summer nights.

Everything we build is for you.

If you would like to talk to us about ideas for your custom home and your family’s future, please just call or send us a note. We’ll meet you at your land or our office in Perry County, or wherever else you prefer.